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Friday, September 19, 2008

I Scare Myself!

The SS meeting was great, always is. We had the owner of Tanget Gallery there that spoke about Pink Week. Very interesting! Check it out! I am going to submit a pink angel for the gallery show in November. Maybe they will take it, that would be fun! Here are a few more that I worked on this week. They too have a few more tweeks here and there to do, which I will get done by tomorrow. There are several that I am going to have scanned for prints. These are all on wood.

I had a real nice lunch date with SS Carol today and we ate fish tacos at Rubio's. Don't say yuk! They are fantastic! We then went to Michael's and I got some new paint and brushes. Then Petsmart for some food for my real angels.

My husband's band The Spotted Dogs were on the radio last night. I've seen Jim play in concert with George Jones, seen him on tv, & seen him in too many clubs to count, parties, etc... but I have never heard him on the radio. The show started at 11:00pm. I had already put on my night shirt. The station which is 90.3 in Davis, CA wouldn't work in the house for some reason. So I told the dogs, let's go and we all went out and got in the car. They couldn't figure out why we weren't going anywhere, just sitting out there! It was funny. When I was tuning in the station, I felt like I was in a 50's movie, American Graffiti or Tom Hanks' movie That Thing You Do. LOL. It felt strange sitting in the car listening to the radio in the dark. I live where there are no street lights so it's dark, there are acres of land just across the street, the only lights are the neighbor's porch lights. The moon was huge last night and that's when I started thinking about vampires. I won't be watching that new show everyone is talking about , I think it's called True Blood, and I don't mind one bit being out the loop. I only have to hear about them to be scared. Thank you Stephen King. I know it's silly too and probably shouldn't even being admitting this for the world to read! Well at 12 midnight, just when the show is ending, what happens? The neighbors come out and were hanging out by their garage! Why?! I am just down hill from them and they can see right into my yard, they could see me sitting in the car and as quiet as it is, could hear the music too. They were probably wondering what the heck I was doing or were they vampires?! LOL I'm in my nightshirt and because it's dark, no street lights, my husband has our motion censored porch lights rigged to light up like a prison yard, so I had to wait out there for another 15 minutes until they went inside before I made a run for the door! Partly because I wasn't dressed and partly to escape any vampires that may have been waiting for me to get out of the car! LOL Anyway the guys did really good, they made it fun. They are playing a private party tonight and tomorrow night they are at Lucille's BBQ in Roseville. With all this time alone I hope to get lots more painting done this weekend!

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Liquid said...

You tickle me!

Definately DODGE the vamps............lmfao........we really do exsist!

Heck, I scare me too! Nothing a nap won't cure though.




I shit you not!!!!!!!!