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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Today It's a Circus!

When Pigs Fly

I got up this morning and had to paint this pig I had in my head. I didn't even make coffee before I sat down to do him. I must have dreamed about BBQ haha JUST KIDDDING!! Tonight I'm going downtown with my husband, son & his fiancee to The Circus & Other Atrocities put on by the one & only Gale Hart, who is now a Swell Sister. (See previous post) It's the 2nd annual circus and it's suppose to be crazy fun. A Swell Sister is also showing at a 2nd Saturday gallery. I will post all about it tomorrow. I'm taking my camera too and will post some pictures. So drop in tomorrow to see some wild Sacramento fun and art!

I received another blog award today!! Such an honor! This was given to me by a sweet & wonderful photographer with one of the most awesome blogs online,
Liquidillusions, you must visit!


Pink Pig said...

greetings from the Pink Pig!.....I love love your work and love the pink flying pig.....thanks for the great read.

Liquid said...

Glamour Pig!
Takes one to know one, eh?

I love it!!