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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Someone Shoot Me!

Shoot me because I have no shots of the The Circus Show & Other Atrocities . Once again I get a few miles from home and realize I have left my camera! Just far enough away to where there is no turning back. I need an extra just to keep in my purse honestly and half the time I leave the house with only a few bars left on my cell phone.

Fun just doesn't sufficiently describe this show. People dressed in all kinds of costumes, games and of course fabulous mind bending art! It was hard to pick a favorite, some was disturbing for me on an very emotional level, however, that was the point. I was privileged to meet & talk with Artist Edward Mulligan from NY. I must say that his drawings were some of my favorites. They were the first that you viewed upon entering the gallery on the "train" of art that went around the room at eye level. Loved the martini monkey with the pole dancing giraffe in the back ground! I could hear Dean Martin singing in the background too. haha Definitely check out his website!

If you have read "Things I Love" below then you already know that I love looking at odd art and believe me there was some odd art to be oogled & awed at! You'd also know I've love to have a gypsy wagon. Why? I don't know. I like to look at them. I'd like to sit inside one while it's raining outside, have a cup of tea, or better yet, use it as a studio. Another of my favorite pieces had half circles placed on the bottom of the canvas as if they were wheels. Well that got my wheels turning and I may do a gypsy wagon painting for myself for fun when I have the time. I could have stayed much longer than I did. I wish I had a picture of it all for you but you can click on the links to see some for yourself and please do. It was an experience that the whole family loved. We missed seeing the freak show parade, but I think they all ended up at the Circus anyway! We battled the traffic & pedestrians and stopped by a gallery that SS Laurelin Gilmore was in. She was showing a wonderful collection of bugs. The June Bug was my favorite. After we left my husband said he liked the bugs the best, not knowing she was a Swell Sister. That made me really proud of her! The Sacramento 2nd Saturday Art Walk is awesome. The downtown was hoppin'. Full of people & pets, music & art. The weather was beautiful. It was a great day!
Today I prepared wood and will be starting the new commission for 6 paintings and finishing up another commission of 5. All angels. I worked a little today on the large canvas for the show in December which has 2 angels on it. I changed it again. I have changed it several times and at the moment I am pretty happy with the composition. Working on a large canvas is not something I do often. I may have some time to work more on it a this week.

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Liquid said...

A gypsy wagon......! I had one when I was little. My Grandpappy bought it somewhere and set it up for me as a stage. I remember so vividly the patchwork velvet curtians it had. Guess I've been performing longer than I thought!

I am beginning to think that we may be related! *wink*