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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Angels In The Universe?

I guess the post office lost my paintings. I just had a call from the buyer and they still have not received them. Made my stomach flip flop. I feel so bad, not only for the lady that didn't get her purchase, but for my angels too, where are they??!! Ultimately it's my fault for not charging people for insurance or just paying the extra for it myself but honestly I have never had a problem before and Priority boxes are usually the best and speediest. So today I will be painting some new ones for her. I hope that I can get them almost exactly the same. The lady was so sweet about it. She said that "they must have gone to someone who needed them." So my 2 angels are out there in the Universe somewhere. I hope they one day find their way home to her house, or my house, or like she said a house that needs them.

Speaking of the Universe, I was think about calling my 2 dimensional polka dot angels that I have been working on Angels in the Universe, or Angels in the stars, ..... I know that's awful, I am just having a hard time giving this series a name, hopefully I can come up with something better than that. I love polka dots. I have this swiss dot (do they even make that anymore) fabric that is baby blue with white dots that I have kept for about 25 years now and never sewn it into anything. I will pull it out, think about it and put it back in the drawer. Should I really be sharing that? In any store I am immediately drawn to polka dot things. Anyway, these polka dots aren't even, neither is the wood I cut, it's all wacky, I like wacky and wonky. The yellow angels screams out her name is Gladys to me. The angel paintings are 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 wood (those are even) just like an aceo then I mount it on wood. All 3 of these have a few touch ups to do and varnishing. I have more dots to put on the bottom 2 to make it look a little more like stars or wonky polka dots and they are not glued or nailed yet. I have some black with white polka dot ribbon that I may attached on the back instead of the metal hanger. We'll see. I also added color and polka dots to the white angel aceos that I did. I think I will list them on Etsy tomorrow but not as a set.

Happy Birthday Dad! You are the greatest grumpy old man in the world!


granmamimi said...

The angels are precious!
One of the pictures looks like the picture might be set off to the side of the background, if so, it looks really unique, instead of in the middle!
I also love the new cook angel, are you going to post her for sale? I would love her for my angelwall in the kitchen!

Brett Ward said...

I would be sick if my pieces were lost in the mail. You are so great recreating them for the customer, kudos to you! I hope she knows how truly dedicated you are to bringing customer satisfaction! You give a good name to the rest of us!
(found you through entrecard)