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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday's Altered Thoughts

I was trying to do a Sudoku puzzle and realized in a hurry it was not for me. Seriously it made me feel like I was so retarded. I can't even say it right. I get all tongue tied! My husband and sister tried their darnedest to get me to understand it but I still don't get it. I know some of you who do them are thinking I am retarded right now. I picked it up because I was watching tv and reading the PennySaver at the same time. I have been painting so much lately and needed a mind break. Anyway, forget it, I can't do Sudoku. So I picked up a very old paperback and started altering the pages with a big black marker. I have to say this kept me entertained for a long while and did them while I watched tv. I can't just sit and watch tv. I have to watch and crochet, knit, embroidery or whatever at the same time. Well there are a few shows that I get totally absorbed in and do nothing else but for the most part I can't sit still. You would think I would be skinny as a rail. Not so. So destroying a paperback has actually become my new addiction! I even made up rules for myself. haha Yes I did! No more than 7 consecutive words, only a black marker, yada yada. I can entertain myself quite well. Maybe I'll start a new blog and just post those and have you send me yours to post! If not I'll post one on Tuesdays and you can still send me yours if you want to. I'm sure you can do better than mine! Here are a few I had fun doing... You may have to click on them to read them.

I have a few Big Shout outs to several Etsy peeps for including my angels in their wonderful Etsy Treasury's. Be sure to check out their great Etsy shops by clicking on their names!
ArtAngel , BlueSkySunburn, & TotallyCrosses. Thank you so much!


Hayley Egan said...

These are GREAT! -particularly love the 2 Glasses of White Wine-one. Inviting.....
X Hayley

artangel said...

Ooh I love your altered pages - great idea! Maybe you could do something similar with your Sudoku puzzles - may help ease your frustration lol! (I can never understand the appeal either!) Thanks so much for the mention too!
Angie x

Tina said...

We can be retarded together, for I can't do those puzzles I can't just watch tv, and it drives my hubby your are not


I am a Su-Do-Ku Queen, that said starting out can be awkward. I am a tad bit dyslexic..transposing numbers..mainly, so it suits my peripheral vision to re-scramble all those numbers, knowing it has nothing to do with manipulating, or morphing those number into any other than what they are...characters. The back of the ESPN magazine using athletic symbols is fun and easy.

I am guessing you are a genius at cross word puzzles. I cannot get through one, of any kind, so far.

I think you are on to something Big! ...with your "alter a page" doodle game. I would love to take up that challenge. Could you set it a little clearer for me? for us?

Deb DiSalvo said...

What an AWESOME idea!!! I will have to try my hand at this. Your drawings are great!