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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Nest

My littlest birdie came flying back to the nest last night. I was slowly taking over his room but hadn't moved his bed out yet. It was covered with paintings! There were so many paintings & boxes in there that there wasn't much room to move around. So at 11pm last night we were moving paintings and boxes. I found some I even forgot I had! This is a good thing him coming home, a big step in the right direction for him, but I dare say it's going to be an adjustment, just like it was when he moved out. So I am going to be listing lots of paintings in the next few days. I will be putting them on Ebay and at pretty low prices so that I can make some room for my little birdie. I signed up to sell at yesterday but haven't had the time to list anything there yet. I am also working on a shopping cart for this blog so that you can purchase my art right here.

I put lots of angels on Ebay auction today and a couple new angel cats. You can check those out here. This is a little angel I will be listing tomorrow. She's really different and is on 3"x 6" wood. Painting her was almost like painting an ACEO. I used a brush about the thickness of a eyelash in places. It was fun painting an odd size though. She would be perfect in a little nook & cranny.
To my Entrecard bloggin' buddies I have to apologize for not being able to drop on many of your blogs much lately. I intend to jump back on the wagon tomorrow. *visualizing a gypsy wagon* I look forward to seeing what ya'll have been up to!


MySweetThree said...

I really admire your work..The way you paint faces is something that is so fanciful and dream-like...if that makes any sense, I don't know. It is just right up my alley. I am interested to know how you go about putting a shopping cart on your blog..It is something that I have thought about, but haven't actually done yet! Take Care!


bonnesinger said...

I LOVE your painting MY NEST ...really beautiful...thanks for stopping by my blog. Any chance of getting on your BLOG LIST? bonnie