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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Mardi Gras party was so much fun last night! It was a really great time. We always have so much fun with this group of people. We just laugh and laugh. My friend had made a wonderful red pepper cheesecake/dip, a seafood mold/dip, a sausage dip that was surprising delicious, and had hot cresents with ham, cheese & pepperoni in them, peppered nuts and some sort of pretzel. Then for dinner we had jambalaya, and for desert banana foster. So good! I didn't even get hungry today until 3:00!
It's a good day for lazing around today, which we are doing, because it's rainy and gray. Tomorrow I will get busy finishing up my commission piece. My little doodle bug JJ came over for a while today while his parents went out to lunch. He is going to be crawling anytime now. He's up on his hands and knees but just rocking back & forth so proud of himself. He's such a sweet spirit and just a joy to be around. I hated for him to go home but I will get him on Tuesday.
Ok so this really isn't a Mardi Gras painting but I thought I might get away with it. haha I painted this several years ago just for fun, wasting paint. We had taken a trip to Lake Tahoe and while waiting at the buffet there were a couple of obnoxious screaming & laughing girls at a casino table with so much gaudy on that I painted this when we got home. haha It reminds me of them. I know it's odd but you can't say it's boring and neither were those girls!


sandy petals said...

When I saw this I laughed! I thought it must be for Mardi
Gras. LOL I love it, but then I think all your work is awesome. I needed a smile today, so thanks for posting this one. Sandypetals

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Jeanie said...

Sounds fabulous! Put me near bananas foster and jambalaya and I'm a very happy camper!