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Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun on the Highway

This cracks me up! When my kids were little I would run my hands around the steering wheel like I was turning to freak them out. Hum... come to think of it maybe that's why my 19 yr old doesn't drive yet or even want to! hahaha My bad. He always wears his seatbelt too. We used to make a game of who could put it on the fastest. Next time I get in the car I'm gonna secretly notice if he still tries to beat me at it! I love driving. I have taken many cross country road trips and I love it every time. I like Sunday drives and driving in the rain. My husband hates it. When we go on a trip 8 hours is the max he'll last in the car and we have to stop every couple of hours.

Was a sweet surprise this morning to find that my art had been in 2 Etsy Treasurys'! A big shout out goes to BusyBeads at Etsy for featuring one of my kitty angels in her marvalous Meow Treasury a great collection of kitty cats. Click here to see. To see her pretty Etsy shop click here. Another big shout goes to Abbasgirl for for featuring one of my beach angels in her heavenly Echoes of Mercy Treasury. Click here to see. To see her lovely Etsy shop click here. Thank you BusyBeads & Abbasgirl!!


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Lisa said...

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storybeader said...

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