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Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Choir of Angels

This little choir of blue-eyed angel ACEOs are now listed for sale on Ebay. You don't see many sets for sale but I couldn't bare to separate them! I did white backgrounds on all of these instead of lots of color. I suppose I'm in a winter mood. Click here to see listing and low starting bid.
I had fun at the galleries last night. Both galleries had musicians playing and wonderful art. There was a lot of fantastic Christian art at the Cafe Refugio where I was showing. As usual I forgot my camera! I believe my pieces will be up for a month there. A few people were fasinated by the way my angel's eyes followed them and how one side of the face shows one emotion and the other side another. The Marco Fuoco gallery's next show is 10 pieces, 8 x 10s, from 10 artist and I may show in that one.

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