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Friday, February 13, 2009

Feels & Smells Like Christmas!

I bought an extra turkey at Thanksgiving and took him out to defrost the other day. I figured I would cook him up so I wouldn't have to do much cooking over this busy weekend. I was feeling lousy was was heading off to bed when I had a brainstorm. I would just let him cook in the crock pot while I slept. Lazy. I've never cooked a turkey in the crock pot but thought that was a brilliant idea. Not! As I was washing him my husband kept telling me he wasn't going to fit in the pot. I insisted he would. HA! I tried everything to get him to fit. I finally had to cut him up. Ugh. I felt like Jeffrey Daumier. I hate cutting up a big raw turkey. He still didn't fit! So I kept the back part out for soup stock. I felt so silly I actually took pictures! haha

When we woke up this morning it smelled like Christmas and during the night it snowed so it felt like Christmas! This may not seem exciting to you but it really is for us. It's the big thing on the news today! I live just below the snowline so it has only snowed here about 3 times in the last 15 years. It was so pretty. It's melting now. I wish I had made a snowman earlier when I had the chance.
How was the turkey? The turkey was so dry he had to be raised in Arizona. haha I shredded the breasts, put the breast meat back in the crock pot and smothered it with bbq sauce, mustard & vinegar. We'll just have to have pulled bbq turkey sandwiches with it. Better than tossing it away. It's smelling like the South in here now and I'm getting homesick! With the rest of the turkey I think I will make some more Turkey Tiki Masala like I did after Thanksgiving. That was so good I took a picture of it and posted it.
I ended up staying up late. I needed a kitchen angel last night. I had sketched this one out to maybe paint in the future. I have a notebook full of sketches of things to do! Maybe I'll get her done.
I listed 2 ACEO Trees this morning in my Etsy shop.


MySweetThree said...

ha ha ha...This post had me laughing!! I love that you took the pictures of the poor turkey, all crammed into that crockpot!! too funny!!

~Zurama~ said...

Just dropping by to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!!! ;D

Ramblin Mama said...

Love that story!! At least you got to be crafty in figuring out how to moisten up that bird!!