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Monday, July 7, 2008

My first Blog Award!

How nice it was to log on tonight and find that Bee at nominated me for a blog award! Please take a moment to check out her whimsical art on her blog & her Etsy shop. Tomorrow I will be posting 7 of my nominations and passing it along! Thanks so much Bee that is such a great surprise and honor!

Today I barely got anything done but the dishes. I was a bit under the weather. No Zip in my Zippity Doo Da , no Doo Da either. The smoke is back in the valley and just awful. The news said that it is very unhealthy where I live . I could smell it in the house when I woke up and for the remainder of the day. E U We need rain! I need rain! I miss it. I am wearing out my rain and babbling brook tape!
I removed 2 mermaids that I had listed. I had done them on commission but never recieved the money for them so I listed them. I had been waiting a month for payment. I had sent several emails. Well today I recieved a check for them. Ut Oh. One has a bid on it so I will have to paint another after the check clears. I wish she had sent me a heads up that the check was mailed. She did included 2 extra dollars than we had agreed on so I'm not out all that much for the listings. So tomorrow I am getting my bushes wet and gettin' busy!

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