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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

Hope you are having a relaxing 4th of July! I am. I haven't really done anything today but talk on the phone! The 4th of July for most is full of great childhood memories. I don't have a lot of childhood memories of the 4th. The best that I have are memories I made as an adult and with my children. My father was in a car accident and died on the 4th of July when I was very little, so it was never a fun day for my mother & because of that, not much fun around our house, we were always reminded, and she didn't like us to go anywhere. You know the saying...If mama ain't happy..... Funny how when you're young you swear you won't be like your parents, then as an adult you find yourself doing some of the same things that they did! My husband's band is playing today and I have been having fleeting moments of worry about him driving around. I know it's silly, and what are the odds of me losing my husband the same way my mother did anyway?!

My sister, my real sister, not a Swell Sister, just opened an Etsy shop yesterday! She is finally going to sell some of her beautiful photography! Contrary to me, she loves to garden and take pictures of nature.

Speaking of Swell Sister's I gave my first little class last night. Another Swell Sister was suppose to teach the knitting part but couldn't come so I taught both. I have taught lots of people to crochet & knit but always one on one. It was at a Swell Sister's house in Sacramento. She does beautiful glass work. My husband would have gone nuts at her house! It was decorated in all kinds of music memorabilia. The bathroom was done in a Beatles theme & Yellow Submarine. I admire her creativeness. With him being a musician and Beatle fan I'd probably have a hard time getting him to leave! Anyway, I was really proud of everyone. They picked it up faster than I thought they would. Crochet & Knitting is kind of difficult to learn but once you find your groove it's really easy & fun.


The Vineyard Painter said...

Dear Campbell Jane,

My heart goes out to you on this day. I wish you and your's a very safe and peaceful 4th.

With Love and Peace,
Sunny Bower

Malaysian Fabric Heritage said...

Hi Jane,
The story on your dad draws tear in my eyes and I feel sad to hear of it. These are files I guess we store in our memories throughout our lives. We have the courage to go on despite our fears and in spite of how we feel. That's independence.

May the Independence Day bring out this spirit of moving forward for you and your mom.

In faith,
Wai Mun,