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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ripped, Rubbed, Painted, Glued & Glittered!

Wow! I got a lot done today! I listed lots of things on Ebay today (new works are in my slideshow) and I started working on my collaborative Indi project which is an altered book. I did 2 pages and I am going to be doing 2 more. Hopefully I can get it done tonight. I'll have the house to myself & I'll be up late! There is lots of room in the book and only 2 more people to work on it. I cut a hole in one page, so I figured I would go ahead & do the pages that have the little something that shows through the hole. Besides the pages that I just finished are a bit busy & cutesy, a little childish, I guess because there are children on it and yes... I used glitter! The next 2 pages will be much more mature. Doing altered art or collage is so messy for me! I have boxes & boxes of things spread out all over. I told you I cut things out of magazines! Now you can see a portion of what I'm talking about! I am posting this picture of my coffee table to show what it took for me create 2 pages, for your enjoyment, or disgust! hahaha It would be nice if someone could put it all away for me! Any volunteers?No? None around here either! hahaha It's hard for me to start with a firm idea. It just evolves and so does my coffee table.

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