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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Night or Day? I Can't Tell Anymore!

It's so dark in my living room now it looks like it's storming outside. You know I love the rain but this is making my time clock go wacky and making me feel tired. Weird. Too bad that soap opera Dark Shadows isn't still on tv, I'd be in the perfect setting to watch that! Ok I am aging myself now! I used to rush home from school to watch that with my mom and to this day I am afraid of vampires! hahaha I don't watch vampire movies either! Thank you Barnibus Jones! Anyway, we installed shade screens on the front of the house. My husband picked out the color and it's almost black. We have 5 very large windows in the front and in the afternoon with the sun glaring in it's hot and unbearable. I have noticed a huge difference in the heat but maybe the money we are saving will be a wash since I have to have the lights on to see in here during the day!

My husband's band played last night so I had the house to myself. I got a lot done yesterday! At one point had a cramp in my hand that wouldn't go away for awhile from knitting & crochet at warp light speed. Odorless non-greasy sports creme is the best thing ever! I started work on my painting commission and made some more cuffs. I also started knitting the cutest baby sweater hoodie. I am using soft yarn that looks like denim like I did on the little hat in the picture below. I got the free pattern at This website has really beautiful knit patterns! It's suppose to be simple but the directions seem a little complicated to me. Crossing my fingers I don't mess it up! My oldest son's baby is due any day now so I hope I can get it done before the baby gets here! I gave them the denim hat tonight and they loved it. I am going to donate the light blue one.
We had a bbq tonight. I wish I had taken a picture of my chicken & my oldest son's rice! It came out so good. I marinated the chicken yesterday morning, in lots of spices, lemon juice and tossed the lemons in too. Pollo asada. My husband cooked it perfectly too on the "big bertha",(his solid stainless steel monster grill). My son's rice was so delicious and it was so simple. He fried the uncooked rice in a little oil and butter with 4 cloves of garlic, not little cloves either, they were dinosaur cloves, then added water & chicken bouillon & 1 can of tomato paste, salt & pepper. It sounds simple & plain but boy was that great! I am totally stealing that recipe! I made a pico de gallo with a little twist. I finely chopped onion & rinsed it really well, then added chopped cilantro, lemon juice, salt, pepper and the twist was dried oregano & a tbsp of olive oil. That was so good on the chicken.That's one recipe I will write in my little kitchen notebook and do again. Give it a try!

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