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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Not so Wordy Wednesday

Paint Paint Paint that's what I did today. I got alot accomplished but I am still working on another beach angel. They usually take me a few days to do one. This one I started a few days ago. I finished up another tree. The one on the right is currently listed on Etsy. The one on the left I believe I will be listing there as well, haven't decided yet. Etsy is very slow. I am trying to make a living at this so it's nice to know that at least I will have a completed listing on Ebay in several days. I tried to take the photo in low light so you could see the beautiful sparkle in the trees, but that didn't work out well, and sorry it's a bit blurry. The beach angel that I am listing tomorrow has a beautiful coral colored background and made the background shells like the ones in her hair. I like the new color. They are all kind of the same so adding a new color was refreshing. She hasn't told me her name yet! I will take better pictures tomorrow and you will be able to view them on my slide show.

1 comment:

Wilhelmina said...

Wow, I wish I could paint. But I guess I should just stick to appreciating art, than making art.

Thanks for dropping my blog and for the birthday greeting! :D