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Friday, July 25, 2008

Ok Wednesday Wasn't It...Friday Is!

After 44 hours of labor my grandson finally arrives today beautiful and healthy! Mom & dad are doing fine! He is an 8 lb bundle of joy as they say!
Me and his other Grandmother, his 2 aunts and Grandfather were up for almost the entire duration in the waiting room! I came home this afternoon and slept for hours.
Thank you to many for your prayers!


Liz said...

He is adorable! I just visit your etsy shop. You are an amazing artist I love your work. Best wishes in your success

Alysa Merle said...

Congratulations. How wonderful to bring a new little person into the world! said...


Petra B. said...

He's BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations Grandma!!

JEN ZONE said...


How fine!

Love is as loves does.

Thanks for sharing.

-jenj (fellow swell sister)