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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today's The Day!!

It's Wednesday already! Sorry I haven't blogged since Saturday! I've been in my own little whimsical world! I've been painting, knitting, crocheting and working on some new zine cards! I especially love the little baby sweater & how it came out. It was a lot of hours of work and I must say the pattern is great! I am going to get a cute button for it instead of ties, once done I will post the picture.

Vicky Howell of Knitty Gritty Show is writing a new book called "Craft Corps" and I sent in a profile to possibly be featured in this book! If you are a crafter you can also apply and get the details on her blog site:

Today's the day! My first grandbaby is on his way! Joe & Erin are just getting settled into their room and I will be going down shortly! They called to let us know when we were in Walmart picking out the button to go on the little sweater! I opted for just a plain button so that it would match everything. I guess I'll be sewing that on in the waiting room tonite!

Here's an amazing picture of a sand creation that my nephew sent me today...

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The Vineyard Painter said...

How exciting!! a baby on the way? Love!
Sunny Bower