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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Strung Out on Sriracha

If there was a meeting I'd have to sign up. I love all things hot & spicy but Sriracha ( )is my new drug of choice. It makes everything all right. Tonight I didn't feel like cooking so I pulled out a MichaelAngelo's "Gourmet" (right!) Pizza Snack & popped the carton in the microwave. It was dreadful, like fried cardboard with a microscopic bit of filling. I was about to throw it out, about to try to figure out a quick alternative, then it came to me...just put Sriracha on it and eat it! Not a very nutritious I know but I just couldn't talk myself into preparing anything else. It's one of those days when nothing sounds good. Well the Sriracha did make it edible, however, I could just as well put some sauce in a bowl and eaten that for dinner.
I started eating jalapenos when I was 12 and living in Tucson, AZ. My family & friends were in shock & awe that I could eat them like I did - a large pickled can at a time, carrots and all- and I must admit I liked shocking people but I truly like the peppers too. By the time I was 16 I was encouraged by many to go to the Rosamond, CA Chili Cookoff and participate in the jalapeno eating contest. I never did, I was too shy to do something like that, and why would I want people watching me stuff them in my mouth as fast as possible? Gross! But I know had I gone I would have given someone a run for the championship! Hot peppers don't effect me, if you know what I mean, like they do other people. I couldn't imagine life without hot sauce or hot peppers. I pretty much eat some kind of pepper or hot sauce everyday. They say they are suppose to raise your metabolism, let me tell you that's not true! There is only 1 sauce I have come across that I can't handle and that's Dave's Insanity Sauce. I use it in a spray bottle with water to spray on plants and decks to keep the bugs off! hahaha It works too! Last year I finished a collage cookbook entitled "One Hot Mama's Hot & Spicy Cookbook And Mama Don't Like Crybabies". I gave it to people for Christmas. It's a collection of my own hot sauce recipes, salsa recipes & hot & spicy dishes. My favorite being my "Don't be a Wienie" sauce. One day maybe I'll get up enough nerve to have it printed to sell.

I finished the mermaid commission I was working on and will be getting all my paintings mailed out tomorrow. Then it's off to Michael's! I'll walk off those pizza snacks! I still have some money left on my birthday gift card so while I'm out I'm gonna go see what I can get into & what I can't live without!

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