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Friday, July 18, 2008

Too Much Art Too Little Time!

I am tackling a long list of things to get done today. Preparing wood for painting commission, making my own clay plates for cuffs, finishing some card/book/zines. I knitted a new cuff this morning while having my coffee & watching the Today show.

I love perfume, however, most of the commercial perfumes on the market give me a headache, so several years ago I did a great deal of research, got lots of essential oils and like a little chemist (Nutty Professor! ) came up with several wonderful original blends. I gave some as gifts, sold a few bottles, but never really marketed it. Each perfume was a "girl" so to speak and if I say so myself the boxes are very cute! Basically set up an entire business but never took it anywhere. I was working and just wiped out tired when I got home, didn't have the energy for both jobs. I have Mermaid, Garden Girl, Tropical Girl, Bride to Be, Dance Hall Girl, Sweet Baby Girl, Indian Maiden, Queen of Denial, etc... I did the art work for each, made the boxes and made up a poem for each box. Mermaid is my personal favorite, surprise! haha It's a blend of 8 different oils with the top note being pikake an expensive Hawaiian Jasmine. Anyway... The other day I was thinking that these poems and art would make great cards/book/zines! So I am in the process of constructing those. So keep a weathered eye out for those! (love that saying from Pirates!)

The Swell Sister Society meeting was so much fun last night! We now have a website and we plan to make an impact in Sacramento! Our first art show is in December. I'm so blessed to be in this group of lovely women! We made paper wallets last night. It was like a kindergarten project but mine was pathetic - truly! A Swell Sister said I need to learn how to use tape! hahaha Actually that's so true! One thing I am not good at is wrapping presents with tape! I do wrap my art before I mail it and I must admit I could probably do a much better job. I just hope the pretty ribbon makes up for it! hahaha The paper wallet project did inspire me though. I'd love to make some with fabric. I just can't pull out my sewing machines right now or everything will go by the wayside!


thebeadedlily said...

It's too bad the perfume thing didn't work out for you. That would be such an interesting thing to do.

The Vineyard Painter said...

I had to stop wearing store-bought perfumes several years ago due to headaches from them. Are you selling your oil blends in your Etsy shop? I'll take a look! Best wishes for your Sacramento show!