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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Breaking Down

My back is still out *misery* and I only managed to finish up 1 painting this week. My husband had to drive me to one Swell Sister (SS) Meeting! I had fun regardless but didn't go to the Capitol or to the park to decorate the "wish tree". I missed all that exciting fun which involved cops! Went to another SS meeting last night but left early. It seems a little worse today. May need to break down and go to the doctor! I have too much to do to be hobbling around like I'm 90 yrs old! This is my new Aura Angel. Hey she almost seems like she saying "help me my back is out!" LOL I love how the eyes turned out in this one. They are brown, blue & green and they follow you! I love how the google ads just magically know what I post. Every time I say something about the eyes in one of my paintings my google ads go from art to laser eye surgery. haha

I finished my Indie collaborative piece and got a new one to start on. Here's the before & after...
I added shading and some bamboo. I really had to control myself so that I wouldn't turn her into a mermaid! LOL

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