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Friday, August 15, 2008

Perturbed, Painted & Perplexed

I think it's so easy for artists to fall into worry about what others will think and what buyers want, etc... instead of just creating art for art's sake. I must admit that I have, but I'm trying to learn not to and getting a little better at it. For example I am a bit anxious with the upcoming gallery show. I do paint & create things that I like and I am thrilled when others like it too, but it is easy for me to worry over a piece. I don't normally try & sell something I don't like, however, the painting that I mentioned the other day that I didn't particularly care for... well I have already had someone email me and say they love it! Go figure. So I might just go through some more things I've dragged my feet on listing! I can certainly use the extra space. I think when you do quit worrying about what others might think, say, react, you can really start to grow. But it's tough! There is always those "Them's & They's" out there that reside your head. Who are they anyway, who put them there?And why don't they move out? That same ugly worry may be part of the reason for some artists not approaching galleries or more galleries than they do. And for goodness sake why are so many artist statements & statements on pieces full of such pretentious deep thoughts and big words that you need a dictionary and an hour to actually figure out what they are trying to say? I recently read one and when I figured out what they were saying (and I'm not stupid), looked at their piece, I thought ...What the...?! You must be kidding! It totally changed my feelings toward the piece, the artist and not in a good way. I think because of those kinds of artist statements, and seeing large quantities of those statements, can really intimidate a young artist while trying to write their own. I like this one... "I paint things because I feel like it, I like all the colors, especially red, it would all look good over your sofa, I didn't think of any world issues while painting but if you want to interpret any of my pieces that way it's ok by me and I might agree with you". LOL No? I don't think that will work either.

There is so much art out there I realize it's hard not to be influenced by others, wish you'd thought of that(I actually say that all the time to myself & sometimes out loud!), or might like to try something like it, however, there are some that blatantly try to copy, changing little, to make some money too. I truly don't understand this! Doesn't their own art, art itself and their abilities mean anything to them? If you can copy why can't you can create? Where's their own mind that God gave them? Why not just sell something else if means nothing. There are plenty of other things to sell and Walmart is always hiring. It's really disturbing when I see it. Obviously I came across that today which prompted the rant.

Today I painted, packaged & mailed out my sold paintings and seriously stared at my new collaborative project on and off for hours! I still haven't decided what direction I am taking with it. It's fairly small maybe 12 x12 and there may be 10 people working on it, don't know how that will be possible but it was mentioned, so I can't be greedy with the space on the piece. I learned on the last project that after about 3 people work on it room is scarce.

BBQ, Pool party & some Little JJ baby sugar tomorrow! Have a good weekend!

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Ragtree said...

I LOVE your work. I think all artists are torn between what we want to do and what we think others will like. Personally, the pieces that I like the least are usually the first to sell (go figure!) but there is something for everyone.

I personally don't see how you could go wrong with anything you paint. Your talent is amazing :)