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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What's Happening!

Wow! Lots has happened since my last blog! Sorry if you've been waiting on the edge of your seat for my return. haha My back started going out on Saturday evening but I dragged myself out on Sunday and had a great time anyway at Windwalker Winery . My husband's band played for their annual members picnic, I met dear friends, (the one that just lost her mother & her husband) and met some new friends. Alanna the owner encouraged me to bring in my art to sale and there was talk of my art on the label of their new wine! How exciting that would be! Even if that doesn't happened I am totally jazzed that she would even mention the possibility! Jim and I had been members there for many years so it was fun to see Karen & Eddie who rock at tending the tastings. Great people. I also met Nancy who owns The Cottage at Perry Creek and she wants me to bring some art in to sale at her Cottages. It all came about from a little ACEO that I did & had in my purse which I gave to Karen. The wine was fabulous as usual and Alanna gave us a bottle of excellent Cab to bring home. Score! The weather was perfect, the music was great, the wine was was a great day! More exciting news...Teri Martin (her site is below in My Treasure Box) has opened a beautiful, fun, funky & contemporary gallery called Tristan's in Cocoa Village in Florida and wants to put my art in her beautiful gallery! I was also told by a new collector of mine that they want more paintings to give as Christmas gifts and will be letting me know how many this week. I sold a Mermaid angel and a Magical tree as well yesterday. I am overwhelmed & blessed by people's response to my angels and my art.

So I have so much to get done and was unable to paint much today because my back went out with a big bang this morning while just cleaning off my palette, a simple little thing. Couldn't sit, stand, or lay down for a while. Was just frozen. Misery. Jim bought me some of those heating pads that heat up by themselves this afternoon. ahhh Hopefully it will be better tomorrow. I have 2 Swell Sister meetings this week and in addition to all the above painting I have to finish my collaborative piece & start on my piece for the gallery show in December at least figure out what I am going to do! I am NOT complaining this is the best job in the world!! It makes me so happy and my art seems to be making others happy too. What could be better than that?! A new chair in my little studio would be nice. Pain or not I am finishing my collaborative piece tomorrow and will post a picture of the before and after. I am trying hard to resist the urge to turn woman on the piece into a mermaid. lol

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