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Monday, August 25, 2008

A New Throne!

The new chair (throne hahaha) my husband bought me is awesome! So I did computer work and painted, painted and painted some more! That's what I did all day and it felt good! I ended up working for about 12 hours. I read a lot of great blogs today too. So I am settling down to watch Saving Grace. I love that show. The commercial for it earlier said it was the season finale ??? What?? I seems like it just started! I will post a few pictures of the work I did today tomorrow. I painted angels. One I did I really like, one I think is just ok. I am going to list her anyway, as mentioned in a previous post, sometimes these are the ones that others really like. I actually had this conversation with a young man I met while at the casino in Nevada on Saturday. He sat next to me for a while and had a Red Bull & Vodka. Yikes. He was visiting from New Jersey, and an illustrator and art student at Rowan University. Sweet kid. He had an angel tattoo that he had drawn and had put on his forearm. It was beautiful. He also said that the things he doesn't particularly care for others buy and like. We were both laughing about it.

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Lance said...

Hey Janet, I have something for you over at my blog. Come get it!