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Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday & I'm Missing All the Fun!

You know that tv commerical where the big ugly bug knocks on the door delivering pizza and wants to put it on the table? Love that commerical. Gives me the creeps but makes me laugh. Well some kind of bug knocked on my door and I must have let it in without knowing! I've got a rotten stomach bug and I'm missing my Swell Sister Knit/Crochet group tonight. I didn't want to spread all this fun around so I didn't go. I've had it a couple of days now. I did manage to crochet a little while sitting in my husband's comfy chair, drinking ginger ale and water . I crocheted some funky rocker, biker, emo, cool wrist warmers with a crocheted ring attached. I listed them on Etsy. The pictures are awful but I just didn't have the engery to do any better at the time. I was looking forward to sharing all the things I have been making to the group tonight. Hopefully it won't be another month until the next meeting. I had been looking forward to it. It's a great bunch of women and so much fun!

I didn't get any painting done the past 2 days. I have a hard wooden chair and big bright light overhead in my studio room. Not too friendly when you're feeling lousy. I do have some ideas floating around in my head which is kind of cool because I usually don't, I just go in and pick up the paints. Today I was contacted by a gallery director who said they would like me to show my art on old LPs! That was quite a compliment!! LPs what a fun thought! I have some old ones that I bought at a thrift store to melt (I gotta try everything) so I'm going to try painting on one! I'll see how it turns out. The gallery is in NY so I would have to mail in my work. I'd love to have the money to go if I was chosen!
So I'm making myself another ginger ale and going to veg out in front of the tv and watch the Olympics!

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Now that is just cool!