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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Sugar, Sales & Siesta!

I was featured in an Etsy Treasury again! . Thank you Sassalynne! Her shop at Etsy is . I sold a Bee Happy Zine Card on Etsy today, a print yesterday, & 2 paintings on Ebay. So I have lots to mail out tomorrow. I keep saying I'm going to paint and I am determined to get those brushes wet this week, leave the needles alone and get some more things listed!

We went over to my son's this morning and I got lots of baby sugar! He's so sweet & cute. I held him for a good long time. He's a sleepy guy and even sleeps through his feedings which is worrying his mama. My son & husband were putting together some shelving for his room while he was being fed and I slipped out on the patio and got so comfortable on the futon with a little breeze blowing that I had a little siesta! I can't tell you the last time I've had a nap! I'm not a napper at all! Even as a child I didn't nap - my poor mom!

I crocheted a little poncho for my nephew's baby girl while watching a movie last night. I took it over to my son's along with the hat and other things I'd made for him then forgot to bring it home! I also took a picture of JJ in his little hat below and forgot my camera there too! Maybe I was still a siesta head when I was leaving! Or maybe that's what happens when you become a Gramma! haha The hat fits him perfect and he was adorable in it!! It won't fit for too long. I used a pattern for the poncho shown on Uncommon Threads on DIY Network.,2046,DIY_14255_45942,00.html . I altered the pattern to make it smaller. To make it in a 3 mo size I used a beginning chain of 17 inches & used double crochet instead of treble crochet, except for the bottom scalloped edge. It came out great and was super easy & super fast! So if you crochet & have any little girls in your life this would make a great gift!

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