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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This One Takes the Cake!

I was notified on Myspace today about someone who has copied my art and sold it as her own. I've blogged about people copying art in previous posts but this one takes the cake! The woman even had the nerve to put a copyright watermark over it and state on her blog "This piece is an extension of my True Colors series" This is my original painting above... and below is her copy of my painting... Most of her art is copies of someone else's work. I am going to pray for this woman. Pray that she will start creating from her own heart, isn't that what art is all about? And pray that she finds her self. Pray that she finds enough integrity to stop. Only then will she find true joy. In the meantime people ideas, hard work & a tiny bit of their souls are being stolen. I found out who this person is, I've seen her blog with lots of "familiar" art. I am so tempted to contact this person.

Today I spoke with Teri Martin from Tristan's Gallery, Cocoa Village, Florida. She inspired me to paint a colorful cat angel! So I spent most of the day on that little guy. It was lots of fun popping out of my bubble. I won't be posting a picture tonight.
I haven't forgotten I have to pass along the blog award. I am still giving that some thought!


The Vineyard Painter said...

I greatly admire your attitude towards this situation. You have taken the higher path. I will add her to my prayers also.

Sunny Bower

woolies said...

I would have to contact her.
Just so she knows....

Kianma Art Gallery said...

this is not right that she takes your art and sells it as hers you should contact her and inform her that you know.
I would if she did it too me

On a more positive note I love your blog and your art is very beautiful
cheers kim