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Sunday, August 31, 2008

If This House Is A Rockin'...Come on In

My house is like a big ole boom box this morning. I woke up the kids who were camping in my backyard. They couldn't find an open campsite and my backyard is like the wilderness so they set up tent. I told them to leave it out there a few days so I could pretend I was camping too. We have no street lights and the stars are bright. You're never too old to play! haha Our neighbors are patient people who have never complained about the outdoor speakers on the patio, the stereo, or band practices. Several are musicians themselves but we haven't met them, only hear them playing. Californians, unlike people on the east coast, live in their own fenced cocoons and rarely just drop over without calling first. Part of me loves my cocoon and the other part of me longs to have the casualness of people just dropping by because they were thinking of me, coming to see me regardless of what the house looks like, or what I look like.

I can't pull myself away from, picking out music! My husband went to church alone and I wrote him a check for my tithe to give on my behalf. I'm bad. I have to admit that in the past when I click on a blog or site I have found it sometimes annoying to have music blaring but it's growing on me and now I gotta give it a try. I have a new appreciation for people's playlists. It's hard to pick out songs from the endless array of choices. With my eclectic appreciation for so many genres of music it's sucking up my day and driving me crazy.

I am a huge fan of Leo Kottke. I would have to say that he is at the top of my list for guitar players. So it was hard not to put a lot of his music in my list to share. In November we are going to see him again in Southern California and it will be the first time one of my best friend gets to see him live with me. He may start to recognize me. haha It was 1976 and my husband's guitar player John came over to the house, (he didn't call first) we were all talking, hanging out, having fun, a few more people popped by, then John pulled out a slide and started playing Vasaline Machine Gun and I was mesmerized & hooked. I made him play it over and over again until he refused to play it anymore. LOL John liked to drive fast and unfortunately because of this he is no longer with us. Every time I hear that song I think of his beautiful fun loving talented spirit and miss him & what could have been a long lasting friendship. He will never know how much joy he added to my life just by playing that one song for me.

I grew up with a piano in the house. My mother was a wonderful pianist, who studied for years, and taught when I was little. I married a musician and both of my sons turned out to be fantastic talents on drums & guitar. I don't play an instrument. Oh I can pick & pluck on the piano but never had the patience or will to sit and practice to become good at it. However, I can hear a mistake when it's made from a mile away. This play list I have complied is by no means all my favorite songs, favorite bands or artists, it's just a drop in the bucket and a little bit of fun. I have to get up and get on with the day besides my butt is asleep from sitting in this chair so long!

So I hope you like some of my selections and don't find my play list annoying! If so, please feel free to turn off your volume!


Liquid said...

Girl......I'm just here a swayin' while I surf the net. I've already eaten each of your paintings so all that is left is your!


Be blessed.

Liquid said...
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MARLA KOLB said...

Your work is beautiful! Keep it up.

Thyme2dream said...

Im finally getting some time to slow down and actually READ posts on my way through the blogsphere....LEO KOTTKE~wow I havent heard him for ex hubby was a fan of his and of course all our kottke collection went with him when he left...Im now on a mission to re-start my collection..thanks for sharing!!:-)