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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trying not to Sweat it!

I painted some today, got paintings ready to mail tomorrow, organized and got out the mystery spot, that looked like coffee or soda on my carpet that no one would take credit for... it magically appeared and why not blame on the dogs! lol

I would like to put a big shout out Thank You to Teri Martin who purchased some of my angels. Teri is an artist that resides in Florida, that makes beautiful painted boxes. I have added her to My Treasure Box below so please check out her work!

I have a big Swell Sister meeting tonight and it's hot hot hot today! This is NOT good. For some reason every time I go to a meeting I start sweating profusely. Sincerely gross I know. For the squeamish, stop right here! lol What is up with that?? All the hormones in the room bringing on hot flashes? lol Even my hair gets wet and it's very long and naturally straight so even curling it seems futile. I go in with my hair quasi curled, (because it goes 1/2 way straight on the drive over), a bit of make up on and I come out looking like I was just at the gym for a couple of hours. I don't feel nervous at all, very comfortable around these women, but maybe deep inside I am nervous and just don't know it? I do have a borderline social anxiety problem. This is the first time that I have ever joined a group and first time I've admitted to having a little social anxiety, although most people I know have probably figured that out by now. All my adult life I shy away from Tupperware, Candle and other type parties or get togethers. So joining Swell Sisters was a big step for me. I couldn't love it any more than I do. Possible reason for borderline social anxiety problem ? People seem to stare at me. No really it's true. This is not paranoia. My family has witnessed this for years. I'm not abnormal looking or anything, a lot chubbier than I would like at the moment. A plain Jane actually in my opinion. I really don't look like many people so it can't be that I look like someone else being the reason people seem to stare, or glance longer than they should. My husband says it's because I am an angel and I get very embarrassed every time he tells someone that, he actually says this seriously. I am no angel believe me! I became very aware of people staring when I was young and lived in Japan. I was the only one in my family with blond hair and blue eyes. The Japanese people loved touching my hair and they did stare. Everywhere we went people came up to touch my hair. When my dad would take us on car trips into the countryside there were actually Japanese people that had never seen blond hair and blue eyes. My mom being proud would encourage me to let them touch it. I love the Japanese people. They are so kind and polite and if I ever go back I will let them touch my hair again but it may be all Miss Clairol by then! haha Anyway, I hope the new meeting place has a good air conditioner, but even if it does, I'll probably sweat anyway. So embarrassing! I need some spray anti-perspirant for the meetings to and just fog up my room while spraying my whole body with it! For any Swell Sisters that may be reading this, don't stare at me while I'm sweating! hahaha

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