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Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm All Over the Place!

The Swell Sister meeting tonight was terrific. We have a new Sister, Gale Hart and she spoke. Please take a moment to check out her website & her fantastic work it's listed below. She was awesome, funny, full of info, very inspiring and I loved her hair, all wicky wacky in a funky, free, surfer, skater, sexy I just got out of bed kind of way. Cute really cute. She owns a gallery and has been involved in the art scene for quite some time. One piece of advise was to stick to one thing. UT OH. That's a problem. I'm a Gemini. That's nearly impossible. I want to do everything! Try everything! I love it all! I haven't even put some of my clay work or altered art up for sale yet. So what do you think I should stick to? What do you like best? This is a big dilema!

I got my first Indie collaborative piece back tonight as well and will be posting a picture later. I think it came out great. It's a very fun & unusual piece!

Ok if you must know, it was hot, everybody was sweating! lol

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