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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tornado Tuesday!

Well that's what I feel like! I painted today, made a video of me painting an Aura Angel and also made a big crab lasagna, beef stew(just beef & onions) & spanish rice for one of my best friends who lost her mother yesterday. I will be it taking over shortly. It was so horrifying & heart wrenching to find out that she found her when she went to check on her because she wasn't answering the phone. She was fine the day before but did have health problems. My heart is just bleeding for her.

I will be posting the video on youtube and on my blog as soon as it is edited. I painted the whole thing while holding the camera!!!! That was tricky! Its fun to watch her transformation.
These are the angels that I will be listing tomorrow on Etsy or Ebay. Two are on canvas, the middle is on wood. I really like painting on wood (the bottom angel). It makes the colors look more like skin with a transparentcy that is so cool. The angel at top is one that I did a video of. Her eyes follow you! I have a few more little tweeks to make on her before listing. These always look so much better in person than they do in the photos! I have to start working on my photography skills!


Ophelias Flowers by Tj said...

Hi Janet! I just love these angels, they are so colorful and lovely! I am sorry about your friend. That is so hard. Be well and see you soon! Terry.

Tootie said...

Hi Jane-
Stopped by through Flickr. I really enjoy your angels. The colors are fantastic! Do you mind if I add you to my blog list on my blog?

ESCUDERO said...

Hi - thanks for dropping by and for your kind remarks. Love the color and your wonderful images!

Janet Campbell said...

A big Thank You Shout Out to Teri Martin, a Floridian Artist, for purchasing all 3! You'll find her in My Treasure box so check out her fantastic boxes!