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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dedication To My Friends

I listed 2 new paintings today for sale, one on ebay and one on etsy. My favorite being "Grace", (on Etsy),which deep inside I am dedicating to my friends Joel & Noel, who live in Surfside Beach, SC. (In my last post I told you most of my friends were men!) I hope whoever gets her will love her. Joel & Noel are twins and my mother & sister could never tell them apart! I have known Noel & Joel since I was in grade school and during our teen years, we were the best of friends. Hanging out at the beach, the pavillion, playing pool, listening to music, we spent nearly everyday together one summer laughing, partying and forming a bond that would last for a lifetime. As life happens, we move, we grow up, we don't stay in touch like we should but the love is always there. Noel & I were closer but I loved Joel and there will be a little hole in my heart now that I learned of his death yesterday. With the shocking news of Joel, comes more sad news that Noel is not well either. He will be in my prayers and I am now dedicated to staying more in touch with the people that mean a lot to me, not let the years drift by without saying "how are you?" "I am thinking about you", "I love you". If you read this and you have some friends that you think of often, friends that helped make you who you are today and you mean to call, but you don't, I hope that you will also dedicate yourself to calling and keeping in touch. God Bless

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Bee said...

I am really sorry to hear of your friend's passing. My Nanna passed away almost two weeks ago and it can leave you feeling shell shocked for a little while. I hope you feel some peace soon.