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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sweet & Simple

Isn't it funny that the simplest things are often the best things?! Take food for instance. A perfectly seasoned steak & just a simple baked potato (I'm normally not a steak eater that was for those of you who are), a pot of chicken & rice, a perfectly dressed salad, pasta tossed with a little browned butter, garlic, and lemon juice with a sprinkling of cheese, crab or lobster with melted butter, a cappicino with just the right amount of foam .... Then there are the simplest things that just refresh your spirit. A phone call from an old friend, watching children play, taking a hot bath, a walk on the beach ... You get my drift. I'm sure you have a list too and I'd love to hear some of them! I have been priviledged to eat at some of the finest restuarants, visit many places, meet a lot of people, but some of my most memorable meals and sweetest times in my life have been from the simplest things!
While my art is simple, somewhat sweet, I must admit I really enjoy the complicated art. Art that makes you think "what?", art that makes you feel odd, that puts you out of your comfort zone. Unfortunately, when I have done that art, or what I consider to be that kind of art, it doesn't sell, and I end up painting over it, or putting it in the back of a closet. So I am sticking to the art that is simple, that hopefully makes people feel good. Not complicated. That's not a bad thing, but every once in a while I get the itch to go beyond the simple. As I have said I love painting the aura angels, starting with a blank canvas, no thinking, or drawing and letting them come to life, so I painted a few yesterday. If they don't sell I don't care because it was pure & simple fun! I especially love the ones where their eyes, nose or mouth is crooked, imperfect. I did a really sad looking one & her eyes follow you where ever you go. I love that about her & find it's hard not to look at her! Here is her picture. I don't know where I will be selling her yet. She is a 8 x10 on canvas panel. A friend said she's not sad, she's longing. So that's the name! "Longing" I thought it was perfect!
I know this is not a cooking site, a lifestyle site, etc...but I am going to be posting a recipe each week that will simple, easy to do & with less than 5 ingredients. I love cooking so I am going to share that as well as my art. The recipe is at the bottom of the blog. I hope you will try & enjoy some of them! Many blessings!


Gary R. Hess said...

I love the angels. They look great.

Kim said...

your paintings are exquisite and unique Janet....
it was a pleasure viewing your works :)



Your blog is interesting reading!

Love this painting! Also love your mermaids with the wood tails!! Great work!