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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Museum, Motel & all those Glitters!

I met up with the SSS (Swell Sister Society) artist girls today at the Crocker Art Museum, downtown Sacramento. It was so much fun. I have too many favorites in there to mention. I could have stayed in there and looked at some pieces for hours. I had my nose almost touching a Renoir of some trees/yellow bushes. Frankly I thought it ugly and he is one of my favorite artists! It didn't touch me in any way other than leaving me with that thought. It let me down. Funny I absolutely hate to go anywhere by myself, especially out to eat, or the movies, however, I can go to a museum or gallery by myself and never give it a thought, be totally comfortable. Anyway, there was a striking piece in the contemporary art section, it was a stained wood piece covered in glitter of 2 girls. The girls were painted in pastel glitter. Crocker did well placing it as a sparkling welcome to that section. They had another piece that had just a splash of glitter. I have often thought of putting glitter in my mermaid paintings, after all they are mixed media pieces, but I chickened out for fear it would cheapen my work. I would never wear glitter on any part of my public on purpose. I'm a Plain Jane. I relate glitter to kindergarten. It's a bit of a floozy. Like excessive gaudy costume jewelery, but I must admit that I love it! I had to go to Chicago for work several years ago and they put me up at the House Of Blues. 90% of the art in the Motel at that time were paintings done in glitter! Real funky stuff. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it! The prices were astonishing to me, after all it was just glitter! I came home and bought some glitter intending to make my own funky glittering piece. But I never did. I did use the white glitter I bought on some christmas cards which made them wonderful! So is it a cheap floozy? Is it a respectable medium? Should I open up my glitter box and see what I have?
I was featured in an Etsy treasury today! Amongst some very talented artist.


Jennifer Robin said...

I grew up near a very famous art museum, and I used to love spending time there. I preferred to go there alone, so I could just absorb the artwork at my own pace.
I may have to consider buying your pink mermaid print on etsy; my granddaughter has a pink mermaid collection!

Angel said...

I have to admit that I'm a sucker for glitter! I say go for it. Not the big, chunky gliiter, but the finely sifted shimmery glitter would be very pretty:)