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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Haiku Do You? (Ok Ok I know that's Cheesy!)

Summer tomatoes
luscious ripened on the vine
juicy red divine!

That's my Haiku for the day! I like Haiku. I don't do it very often but when I do it's always fun. Something you just don't think of doing until someone brings it up or you see it. I love word games as well. I spoke to a friend this afternoon that doesn't like tomatoes which is a mind boggler to me! Hence the inspiration for the tomato Haiku. A day hardly passes that I don't eat a tomato or something that has tomato in it! Oh and the smell of a tomato vine! Love that, should have put that down below on my list. So the tomato scare didn't bother me, I'd take my chances! We have some tomato bushes growing now and can't wait to eat them. Actually I shouldn't say "we" because I don't water anything. If my husband didn't water my yard would look like the Sahara. My gramma, who's thumb was very green, came to visit and asked me how I could let a plant die when it's next to the kitchen sink! hahaha Believe it or not it's happening right now! There is a little shop on Etsy that sells Haiku tea mugs. I thought this was a very creative idea, they are simple & lovely. Her shop is .
I guess Tuesday is my day off. I didn't paint a thing, exactly like last Tuesday. I was on the computer all day, trip to the post office to mail paintings, the grocery, talking on the phone, etc.. I found my son's sound machine in his deserted bedroom which I am slowly taking over. hahaha It plays sounds of the ocean, rain, babbling brook, woods, birds, and white noise. The bottom that holds the batteries is broken, the on/off button is broken, it was abandoned, so I've claimed it as my own! I bought batteries while out at the store. Fixed it and have been listening to a babbling brook & the ocean all day while it's sweltering outside!

I added a section today - below on the right- My Treasure Box. These are links to shops & sites. They don't pay me to put them there, they are strictly things I find & love. You might want to see what's in there!

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