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Monday, June 16, 2008

Rainy Days & Mondays...

Well it's not raining darn it but it is Monday! Hum... I am starting to see a pattern with my titles! I do live with musicians so you'll have to cut me some slack! It didn't rain enough for me this year. I miss it. Wish it would rain, not just a sprinkle either. I know there are people that are caught in the floods, having their lives washed away and they would hate to hear that. So my heart goes out to you or if someone you love is in that situation. I don't like rain like that. The first year we lived in this house I thought it was going to wash away. Our house is on a hill, no real ground cover, and there was literally a small river running through our garage. We have spent thousands of dollars fixing the drainage here. We could have sued but never did.

I woke up and had a "I Think This Is Art" award on Flickr this morning for the "Longing" aura angel. That was quite a thrill! I finished "Hope" today and started another. I listed "Hope" on Ebay. Tomorrow after my trip to the post office to mail paintings, I will be starting 3 paintings on large canvases for my new grandson's room. They are decorating his room in a country theme so I'll be painting chicks, a cow, a horse, barns, apple trees. That will be a change of pace & I hope they turn out nice. Great thing about paint is that you can paint over it!


nanjodogz said...

Your artwork is wonderful -- love it.

Heather said...

This painting is absolutely beautiful! I've enjoyed exploring your blog, such beautiful things here :)