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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Paintless but not Pointless!

I didn't pick up a brush today. I didn't clean them either. My bad. I doodled out a few ideas, made ready a few paintings to mail out tomorrow & added a few things to my blog today. You will now see below an "Etsy mini" of what I have listed there. I find that if I paint all day for one or two days then I just can't do it the next. But I got some things accomplished so the day wasn't a pointless blur. I had a few comments on Flickr about my crab painting "Party at the Shacks" that I put on ebay the other day. That is so sweet & uplifting when I get those comments! The same when I get one on my blog! I especially needed them after yesterday. I just love doing those little crabs. Those crabs make me happy! There is alot more detail in those than first meets the eye. It's fun to paint like that too, not worry about having a straight line or this right or that right. People seem to really like those & my roosters too, which I haven't done for awhile either. I haven't decided what I am going to paint tomorrow! I don't know why but when I have a good supply of canvas it's always harder to pick what to paint! I actually watched tv for a little bit today! That's something I haven't done for awhile! I had the tv on and stopped in my tracks when I heard Adele sing on the Today show. I think she is awesome! She has a new CD called Adele 19. Reminds me of Amy Winehouse a bit. She was discovered by being on myspace! I know she is going to do well. It's band practice at my house tonite. The 8 Tracks, also on myspace. My husband is the singer in that band. He is the drummer in 2 others. My studio room is right over the garage so I'm not going to be painting tonite either! But come tomorrow... what will it be? Stay tuned and see!

1 comment:

TheRagtreeCompany said...

Janet, I think sometimes you need time to unwind! It boosts your creativity :)

I love your work. The crabs are adorable!