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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yea Sista! Go Sista!

Tonight was the Swell Sister Society meeting. It was so much fun and lots of inspiration. Met new people as well. It was Show & Tell night. Yea scary for me! I would have much rather just looked at everyone else's creations and not participated. I dreaded waiting my turn to pull out my offering and speak to a sizable group. I fretted over what I was going to take for a week. I ended up taking a little 8 x 6 aura angel that I did just today with the left over paint on my palette again! I had a lot of nice compliments on her. A friend pointed out that I subliminally painted the rose almost like a conch shell! hahaha Maybe she's right, I hadn't noticed! I have a lot of fun painting these. I love how they just paint themselves and come to life on their own. No drawing them out or thinking them out, just freely painting, come what may. This one told me she had finger waves in her hair. Making finger waves is one of the first things you had to learn in beauty school, and it was a ridiculously hard task to get them right. I'll admit I love finger waves in retrospect and the old fashioned look to them. My Gramma Mollie had a beauty shop in her home and still did finger waves on of some the ladies in the 1970's! They just got stuck in that style. Nearly all the ladies in her shop had blue hair & if it wasn't blue it was dyed or rinsed way too dark for their age. Her cabinets were full of Fanciful rinses. I must admit that secretly I liked the blue hair. If I commented on how pretty their hair looked they would light up like a Christmas bulbs! Although my Gramma was very busy, worked really hard, she always managed to make her grandchildren feel welcomed in her shop and occasionally did the Charleston dance just to delight us & her customers! Anyway, here's my little finger waved aura angel painting of the day. She still has a little work to be done but I took her anyway.


Diana said...

Hi Janet! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm so glad you did so that I could return the visit and meet you through your words and your art.

Your art is evocative and spiritual. I'm so glad that you shared that angel with the group. What a wonderful experience.

I love spitcurls, too!

Best wishes,

Sandra said...

Hi Janet....Just wanted to say hello. I live in California close to San Francisco also.
Love you blog and painting. I am an angel fan also...painting them also. Keep creating !!
I like the Go Go Sistas !
Takecare Sandra