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Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Madness

Today was crazy because I took the day off yesterday, did nothing related to my art at all! A friend took me to my favorite Vietnamese place in Folsom, a belated birthday lunch . It was so good. We didn't get to visit long enough & may get together again this weekend. I had my usual bowl of noodle soup & we shared shrimp spring rolls. Yes soup in the summer! I love soup and don't really care that it's hot outside! After lunch, I picked up 2 other friends and we headed down to the river. The 3 of us had never been down Garden Hwy that far along the river before and it was a nice Sunday drive. My husband's band played at Swabbie's On the River yesterday. (My husband's picture isn't on the site yet as he is new drummer & they haven't changed photos yet) . They played 3 days in a row this weekend. I think they are great and I'm really glad he decided to play with these guys! The smoke has cleared up a lot and it was a beautiful day. What a fun kicked back place! The band played outside in a big shady area that was full of tables filled with people. My youngest son raved about the tacos so I told my friends about it. (My husband has played there before with another band & took my son with him) They ordered them, they looked awesome, so awesome it was tempting to have them even though I wasn't hungry! But I didn't have any, I was still full from my lunch. They said they would come back just to eat those! My next trip there I will definately be going hungry so I can try them! As I was waiting in line for the bathroom, a girl next to me said the band was so great! I said thanks & told her my husband was in the band & she should let the owner know! I left before Jim and when he got home he said the owner told him that people came up to him and told him they loved the band, wanted to know when they were playing again and he gave them extra money! A percentage of the bar! Ok I'll take credit for that! It was a fun day and it was nice to get out of the house. I must admit that the people were just as entertaining as the band was! Lots of people coming off the river feeling no pain and kicking up dust on the dirt dance area! It is such a kick watching drunk people dance! We laughed a lot!! It was unavoidable. One lady in her late 50's in particular must have taken tap dance when she was young because she was tap dancing away to the blues music at a tempo much faster than what was being played and still had a Dorothy Hamil haircut! Her legs were brown from her toes to her knees from kicking up all that dust! hahaha

Today I was on a mission! I had to go to the printers, hospital, art supply store, grocery store, my son's work... seems like I drove all over town! I drove my husband's truck which I can't park for the life of me so I park out in Timbuktu to avoid denting some one's car. hahaha When I finally got home and pulled into the driveway I see my little car! What! I just assumed he had taken it and didn't even look! arrrgh. I had to prepare prints and paintings & my wood trees so that I can mail them out tomorrow. I finished up my Indie project & will trade with my Swell Sister Carol tomorrow. I could keep going on it but I've never done a collaborative project before and I don't want to do to much. I can't wait to see what Carol has done on Christine's project! Here's my final photo before passing it on... She's a bit eerie but I like that about her. She is holding a string of dragonflies and has butterflies in her hair.

Tomorrow I have to go to the post office, list some paintings and paint paint paint! I canvases prepared and ready to go! I sure hope that July isn't as slow as June was! While reading blogs I came across "ecrater" a widget that will let you buy paintings directly from my blog, so I am going to start working on setting that up!

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Ophelias Flowers by Tj said...

Hi Janet! Sounds like you had a great weekend... a day off sounds fabulous! Joe has played at Swabbies a couple of times, it's nice on the river and I know what you mean about the dirt and the dancers!! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I love this painting of the woman holding the dragon flies!!! Is she going to be for sale? Have a good week and a safe 4th! Terry