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Friday, June 27, 2008

Life is really Swell!


Last night I went to a Quirky Art group which is a sub-group of The Swell Sister Society. I had so much fun it's a great group of women. I did a picture inspired by Freda Khalo. The owner of the shop we were meeting in told us that we can have an 2nd Saturday art show December 13th! Very exciting! Elizabeth, who started the group, has been working very hard and we now have the beginnings of a website. Also exciting! I just can't tell you how wonderful I think this group is! I am blessed to have found it & be included. I am also in a sub-group "Indie project" which is a collaborative group. Last night at the meeting we swapped projects and I spent most of the day just staring at my large canvas I have to do! I can see that this project is going to really stretch my imagination! I did some work on it. We are swapping again next Thursday. The canvas that was given to me was very abstract as you can see & when I turned it upward I saw 2 women pop out at me, so I am taking down that road. Totally different than the idea I had in my head for it last night! I think I am just going to finish her hand & a few more touches before passing it on. I don't want to do too much as 3 more people will be working on it & don't want to paint over the initial artist's beginnings. I am loving this project and can't wait to see how mine returns to me! Here's some pictures so far. I volunteered to teach a crochet & knitting class on July 3rd for the Swell Sisters, so next week I will be putting things together for that and it should be fun. Maybe I will finish the baby bibs I started a couple of months ago!
I stumbled upon the Ophra show this evening. I normally don't watch it but this episode was on the Laws of Attraction. It was so interesting! I spent this evening making my own "visualization board". Cutting up magazines. I can spend hours doing it. I have boxes of things I have cut out too. I think my board is pretty good, it looks like a big collage, don't know where I'll put it yet but I'll look at it everyday and hope it works! oops. Know it will work! hahaha I'll keep you posted on that. If you like to learn more about this you can go to Ophra's site at
Hope you have a great weekend!


Nishadha said...

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The Vineyard Painter said...

I like that idea, of a visualization collage. I think I will try that! Nice to have found your blog via Etsy Forums.