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Friday, June 20, 2008

Into The Wood Pile

I dove into the wood pile yesterday. I love painting on broken wood that's got a one way ticket to the dumps. I painted some trees and the broken part is the roots. I am going to paint a bunch of these before I list them, sell them individually but take pictures of all of them grouped together on my wall. I think a forest of them would be really cool. I don't draw them out just let them come to life on their own. It's fun breaking the wood and seeing the end result of the break. I love the recyling aspect of them -turning something doomed into something dandy. I have sold many mermaids on broken wood, the broken part being their tails. I sold 3 to someone and they commissioned 3 more, however, they have not paid me for them after several emails, so I will be listing those this week as well.
These are unique & completely my own. So many artist copy from other artists and have no qualms about selling it as their own just to make a buck. I see it everyday. A few days ago I was wandering through the art section on Etsy and saw that someone had listed a painting like one I had done & sold on Ebay a few months ago. It wasn't an exact copy but all they changed was the background colors! I was a bit irritated at first but then let it go, took it as flattery. I think my son was more upset than I was. I know artists look at art all the time and something may get stuck in the back of your subconscious and just pop out later. So my little painting was stuck in their head. That's ok, that's flattering to me. There are a few people on ebay that come so close to the line and my heart goes out to the original artist when I see it. It is taking business away from them when it's something they developed. But it happens and is going to continue to happen.
There was quite a discussion on an Etsy forum the other day. The post began - Would you tell someone that their art is bad? Then compared bad art to bad service from a waiter in a restaurant. That really got people going. I must say it was an interesting read for a change! Reading everyone thoughts on what art means to them. Can there be bad art? Would I tell someone their art was bad? No. Art is Art for Art's sake! Even if you think "dang that's bad!" it is still making you feel something. It might not be something you want to live with but perhaps someone else would. What do you think? I was featured in another Treasury today! The 4th one! Like I said previously it doesn't produce any sales so now I don't expect that but it is a delight. Here's a link if you'd like to check it out. I think some of the Treasuries are actually art themselves so they are always fun to browse through. If you haven't gone through the Treasuries on Etsy you should! It's a fun way to shop & fun to see the groupings of things people put together.
I am still new at blogging. I read one blog yesterday and it was how they wake up at night thinking of things to write, make a list, etc... I thought wow! Seriously! Should I be doing that? I think it impossible for me to be that structured and would take the fun out of it personally. Heck I just get on here and wing it. I never know what I am gonna say until I sit down & type it! However, I must warn you if you subscribe, I usually end up adding things or a letter of a word omitted or something and come back and edit! $@)(*#! Make it a colorful day!


Artbeat said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I love the Idea of painting on old wood. I have done some paintings of wildlife on Ostritch eggs and on porcelain, I think wood grain paintings would present a great challenge

Bonnie Story said...

Hi! I really like your artwork. I see lots of blogs thru Entrecard and all around the web and your art is some of my favorite. You inspire me - I live in a driftwood-rich area and it would be really fun to paint on it. We want to have a signpost showing the distances to other major cities in our lives - we just moved 900 miles so it will be a juicy signpost!

SueEllen Cowan said...

Jane, this is such a wonderful creative way to recycle something headed for the landfill dump.

I find it difficult to understand why someone would copy another artists work and call it their own.

I think art is very personal and would not say it was bad because even if it does not 'speak' to me, it may touch someone else in a very profound way.

This is an excellent article, thanks for writing it.


Annabelle said...

Hi Jane,
Luv your paintings!
Sorry to hear copycats are on the prowl,I know exactly what you are talking about!
I get very irritated when someone copies me or others but my family tells me to take it as a compliment.
Suzi Blu is another folk artist I really adore and soon she will be giving some on line classes which I'm thinking of taking.
All your muses are very close to my heart as well.Good luck on your wood paintings ....they should sell out quickly.

Gina said...

I love the mermaid and I love your trees! Do you sell your work?