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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hazy Days

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is advising people not to buy fireworks this 4th of July. Fireworks are outlawed in my county all together. When my parents lived in Sacramento we would go down to their house and do fireworks on their street. I love fireworks. Back home in South Carolina they have big firework stores, you can go in and get anything! I had many a bottle rocket fights when I was a teenager! We didn't really shoot them off at each other, just in each other's direction. We usually get fireworks of some kind when I go home to visit and light them off on the beach. I know that isn't a very "green" thing to do anymore but I'd probably at least buy a box of sparklers! Never too old for a box of sparklers!

Speaking of fire... As I was driving through Napa over the weekend, I saw a little fire up on a hill, it was small, I thought it was just a controlled burn, an area possibly being cleared for new grapes. 2 really old timey fire trucks did pass me on the road but the sirens weren't blaring. (maybe they didn't work, these trucks were old) Now I suppose that little burn has become quite large. Other fires have started as well so the Sacramento valley is just full of smoke. The sky has been whitish gray for the past few days and people are being advised to stay inside as much as possible.

I guess all the smoke from the fires has permeated my brain. I forgot to share that I was featured on!! She did a wonderful article on me and her dolls are incredible. They are so vibrant & make you happy to look at them. You should take a moment to peek at them!
I have bids on 3 of my magical trees! Yesterday I painted a couple of aura angels but still have a little work to do on them. Here's a picture of one of them. I got 5 stars from someone on OvationTV for the one I have listed on Ebay right now. That made me happy. Not sure which site I will be listing these on yet. I finished up my collaborative project to take to the Swell Sister meeting tonight. I am really really looking forward to it! Make something pretty today!

1 comment:

CastoCreations said...

It sucks that fireworks are outlawed on one hand...but with all the fires in Cali I don't really blame anyone. I'd be terrified!

We are allowed to do our own fireworks and it can be unnerving in our neighborhood. :)

Happy Independence Day!