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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tap Tap Tap Snip Snip Snip

Tap tap tap go the sound of the keys, snip snip snip the sound of the scissors instead of whoosh whoosh whoosh the sound of the brush ! I was so busy trying to get more set up on the computer, checking in on my art groups, publishing photos, looking at blogs & shaving poodles that I got nothing painted today! Took me 3 hours to shave 2 little dogs! They looked so neglected and my yard is full of stickers the size of wasabi peas so I shaved them down to nothing but a top knot! This is not a picture of them after their shave! They now look like those sad poodle art pictures that were popular in the 60's! You know the ones with the big round sad eyes! I'm a beauty school drop out, tried that right out of high school - it wasn't for me, but I've been cutting hair since. A groomer I'm not! But I must say they look a little better! Roadie & Reeda were so good too. Roadie only wiggled when I got to his feet. Roadie is the white one & the puppy love of my life! I don't think there is a sweeter dog on the planet. I sold the beach angel called "Loved" today to a sweet collector in Illinois. Then I was commissioned to do another like her from another sweet collector in Florida so it was a good day! Tomorrow it's off to the post office then...whoosh whoosh whoosh my brush is wet!

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The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Cute, cute, cute.... so sweet!